About Us

Welcome to hockeyevaluations.com! We have been the leading provider of independent hockey evaluations in Edmonton, Alberta Canada since opening our doors in 1999. Our team of professional evaluators share more than 150 years of hockey experience as players, coaches and scouts.

We are extremely passionate when it comes to ensuring every boy and girl receives a fair and equitable evaluation. Since we are an independent outfit with no ties to minor hockey organizations we enter each on-ice session with no political and pre-conceived opinions on the players we are evaluating.

We offer organizations a drills session to help evaluate players' and goaltenders' skills as well as several on-ice sessions for games/scrimmages. We will provide your organization with each player's ranking in all of the testing categories and publicly post the grades to guarantee full transparency during the process. Your organization also has the option of keeping the scores private.

At hockeyevaluations.com we utilize the latest in modern technology as our team of evaluators is equipped with mobile tablets/iPads to ensure an instant electronic grading process. All minor hockey organizations are also invited to utilize our easy-to-use software for their own internal evaluation sessions. If you have your own evaluators and iPads/tablets you can simply license our software and log into our professional system via your own mobile equipment. We also provide the iPads/tablets for tryout sessions if you require them.

There are no personal biases involved when employing hockeyevaluations.com since our team of evaluators is completely impartial. We have no connection to the players we're grading and are only influenced by what takes place on the ice. Every player starts on equal footing and is graded on their strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to sort and group the players according to their individual skill level and ensures each player is competing against those with similar skills and abilities.

Our goal at hockeyevaluations.com is to help make the sport of hockey enjoyable for everybody involved. We make sure all players are properly evaluated which in turn helps organizations create balanced teams based on age and skill levels 

We look forward to working with your organization for all your evaluation needs.