revolutionizes the evaluation method electronically

We're well into the 21st Century now so that means just about everything can be operated and accessed digitally and that includes evaluating the skills of minor hockey players. Yes, the cumbersome pad and paper method has now gone the way of the dinosaur and been replaced by an instant electronic process. On-ice grading and scoring is now in line with the modern age with leading the revolution with its new state-of-the-art web-based application.

While evaluators were still able to do their job properly with a pen and clipboard the entire process has now been modernized and streamlined. Errors are almost impossible to make as all of the data is entered into an iPad/tablet and instantly recorded into its memory bank. This allows the information to be shared in real-time or shortly after each session with those who have been access to view it. Each evaluator, whether they're on the ice or in the stands, will be able to grade individual players via the web based application.

This easy-to-use and helpful mobile tool allows organizations to enter information on any type of custom form or template with the touch of their fingertips. Rankings, scores and reports can be created and shared almost instantly. This means evaluators now have more time to focus on running drills and grading players since they don't have to spend time writing everything down manually. The players' codes and numbers are right there in front of the instructors and they simply have to enter a numerical grade and any other useful information following each drill and/or game session. proudly provides minor hockey organizations with everything required to grade their players including the drills along with our highly-experienced evaluators and instructors. We offer full-service evaluations for numerous ages and levels of hockey and guarantee a fair and non-biased process. We are also making this high-tech evaluating method available to the public. Hockey organizations which run their own evaluations with internal members and/or volunteers can simply request to license our mobile electronic system for their own use.

This will provide them with a simple and modern error-free alternative of grading their players with the information being shared instantly to their members. The system is quite easy to learn and operate and will provide organizations with the most up-to-date technology available when it comes to hockey evaluations. For more information on having run your evaluations for a turnkey service including all evaluators or if you would like to license our mobile iPad/tablet evaluation system please feel free to contact us at at your convenience.