Proposed Evaluation Criteria - Players


  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Tight Turns
  • Balance
  • Starts
  • Speed
  • Quickness
  • Agility
  • Edge Control
  • Cross Overs
  • Foot Speed
  • Stops


  • Stick handling / Dekes
  • Forehand / Backhand
  • Dekes / Protection
  • Creativity
  • Shooting – different types of shots
  • Quick release – toe drag
  • Point shots – sliding
  • Accuracy of shot
  • Shooting in stride
  • Passing – choice of pass
  • Receiving pass/ accuracy of pass
  • Saucer pass / lateral pass

Offensive Tactics / Defensive Tactics

  • Positional Play
  • Knowing rules of game
  • Hockey Sense
  • Net drive
  • Attack triangle -Zone entries
  • Delays / Cycling
  • Timing
  • Support teammates
  • Pinching
  • 1vs1 / 2vs1
  • Angling and Gap Control
  • Stick checking


  • Work ethic
  • Battle
  • Communication
  • Back-Checking
  • Hard on and off the ice
  • Unselfish play - Sacrifice
  • Involved play
  • Anticipation

Evaluation Scale - Hockey


An excellent elite level performance. Player executes effectively at position and within role on team. Clearly outperforms counterparts at same position on opposing team. This player had a lasting dominant effect throughout the game. Player can definitely play and impact at this level.


An above average performance. Good plays and decisions clearly outnumber poor ones. Factors not allowing performance with rating above 4 might include: inconsistently in terms of effort, grittiness lapse in discipline or emotional control as examples. Player can definitely play at this level with the only limitation being depth at a similar position. 


An average performance requires more observation. Player made their share of mistakes / poor decisions, but they were countered by a similar number of good plays / decisions. Player warrants consideration as a candidate for this level. 


A below average performance. Bad plays / decisions outnumber good ones. Player may have lacked effort and hustle and made errors costly to the team. Attitude, behaviours and performance questionable. Physical and mental components were deficient and below average. This player shows some potential but has definite limitations which would not allow them to play at this level. 


Very weak. Well below acceptable standards within age category. Not approaching level of contribution required or expected. Significant, blatant deficiencies in all areas. The potential to play and contribute consistently at this level is questionable. 

Proposed Evaluation Criteria - Goalies


  • Side to Side
  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Agility


  • Angles,
  • Reads play
  • Anticipation of play
  • Makes saves look easy
  • Doesn’t have to scramble


  • Fights for puck
  • Recovers well
  • Traces puck well
  • Loose puck compete
  • Battles

Rebound Control

  • Rebounds to safe areas
  • Focus on puck
  • Tracing puck
  • Movement while down
  • First save control

Save Ability

  • Saves
  • Trapping puck
  • Square to puck
  • Transition from ice to stance
  • Net play

Puck Handling

  • Can make pass to teammate
  • Can stop puck behind the net
  • Uses glove hand appropriately on stick

Evaluation Scale


Goalie is able to move effortlessly forwards, backwards & side-to-side in control with speed. Strong balance & is explosive.

Goalie makes saves look easy & is fast to rebounds with both legs in an efficient manner.

Goalie is in position to stop shooting & passing options. Angles are strong & precise.

Goalie has strong reads of the shot, play & player consistently. Anticipates the play.

Goalie battles & owns loose pucks. Is focused & in the game.


Goalie is able to move quickly forwards, backwards & side-to-side in control. Maintains balance easily.

Goalie makes saves efficiently & is able to recover to rebounds with both legs quickly.

Goalie is in position to stop the first & second shots & is consistently on their angle.

Goalie is able to read the shot, play & player consistently.

Goalie battles for loose pucks & is consistently focused.


Goalie is able to move forwards, backwards & side-to-side in control. Maintains balance.

Goalie is in position to stop the first shot & seldom loses their net.

Goalie is able to read the shot, play & player but still lacks consistency.

Goalie can find loose pucks & is focused most of the time.


Goalie is able to move forwards, backwards & side-to-side but lacks control. Does not maintain balance consistently.

Goalie makes saves inconsistently & struggles to recover to rebounds.

Goalie is at times too deep or too far out for shots & other options. Loses their net occasionally.

Goalie struggles to read the shot, play & player.

Goalie struggles to get to loose pucks & lacks focus.


Goalie struggles to move forwards, backwards & side to-side. Struggles to maintain balance.

Goalie struggles to make saves & lacks recovery to rebounds.

Goalie is too deep or too far out most of the time. Loses their net consistently.

Goalie does not read the shot, play & player.

Goalie does not get to loose pucks & is not in the game.